Sitting Fees

Regular Sitting Fee - $100
Beach Within Collier County - $130
Multi Location Session - $150

 General Packages

Please Contact Leanne or James for custom pricing details.
Or go to our Contact Us Page to email us.

ALL PACKAGES come with a Digital Image Copy that is Watermarked and Social Media Ready.

 Family Package - $350
20 Portrait Sheets and 5 Collages
1 16x20 or 20x24 Wall Print

Extreme Package - $280
20 Portrait Sheets and 4 Collages

Unique Package - $230
15 Portrait Sheets and 3 Collage

Simple Package - $185
10 Portrait Sheets and 2 Collages

Basic Package - $150
6 Portrait Sheets and 1 Collage

All packages include:
Edited Images - Prints on matte photo paper - Digital copy of images watermarked and ready for Family/Friend sharing as well as Social Media Upload

Photo Paper Options
High Gloss - Additional 10% to price
Metallic Paper - Additional 15% to price

Digital Image Option:
Upgrade images to NO WATERMARK with a
copyright release for $25 per image.

Add Full Disc Option for $250 additional.

Digital Image Pricing

All Digital Imaging comes with a Copyright Release
Unless otherwise noted

Full Disc - $450
Includes all edited images and copyright for
personal reprint and use 

Simple Disc - $175
Includes up to 10 Edited Images

Basic Disc - $125
Includes up to 6 Edited Images

Proof Disc - $75
Includes WATERMARKED Edited Images with NO COPYRIGHT to images other than family/friend and social media sharing

***Additional Prints and Products Available!***

 Print Packages

All Sitting Fee's are Due BEFORE time of Sitting. 

Please use the form on the right to give us an idea of dates that you are looking at having your shoot done. Please give at least 3 dates and we will get back with you ASAP to make sure you get your desired date.

Thank You

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