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Who are we?

Here at A Simple Touch Photography and Design we want to be more than
just a one time use and forget photographer. We aspire to be your family photographer.
The one you call because family is coming to town, or when
the baby is learning to walk, how about those first birthday cake smash photos?
Want to tell everyone that your expecting in a creative and cute way?
How about custom invitations, cards or announcements to match?
We have you covered from the beginning to the end of all
your wants, needs and every event.

Why choose us?

There are a ton of talented and amazing photographers all over, so why should you choose us?
We began this company with the mother in mind. What does that mean?
It means we have been there. we were that first time mom, and now we have more than one.
We know what it is like to love all the photos that are taken of your precious baby
and just can't choose. We wanted them all. 
Then the sales lady told us that the
custom collage that she just spent less than 5 mins creating would now cost us $180!
We were new parents and that was not in the budget. There was no way.
And today photographers all over are much more costly than those back in the day. 
Photography is not a bill that has to be paid, which often results in pushing those memories
on the back burner for when we have the extra money. 
No more!!
No more should you memories have to wait because they can not be afforded. 
Choose us because we will never try to pressure sell you.
Choose us because we will never get rid of your photos, giving you plenty of time to
come back and order long after they have been taken, or even on a bitter note, when they aren't here anymore.
Choose us because we will work payment plans and custom packages to make sure you get everything you want
just the way you want it for a price that is respectable for your budget.